Tendercare Home healthcare

Tender Care Employee takes a “pledge” on
 what it takes to be part of the Tender Care Team.  
We strive to set ourselves apart and are constantly driven to better our services and our teams to be the best we can be for you!


I PLEDGE TO BE A TEAM PLAYER.  As an aide for Tender Care, I pledge to work with my partner aides in
providing consistent, professional care to each of our clients.


I PLEDGE TO BE TIMELEY.  As your aide, I pledge to be to your home 5 minutes before the designated time.  
As your aide, I know that you count on my services and your time is important to you.


I PLEDGE TO BE PRESENTABLE, PREPARED, AND ORGANIZED. As your aide, I pledge to arrive to your home fresh and ready to work!  

I know it is important to you that I am presentable and ready to start your day.  I will know the service duties that are important to
you and will be prepared to do them in a professional manner and with compassion and care.


I PLEDGE TO BE EFFICIENT.  As your aide, I pledge to make every minute count!  I know that my time in your home is important to you
and I will do my best to complete all the tasks that are important to you.  I will assist you with your personal hygiene, I will clean,
I will shop, I will tend to your pets, I will help you schedule appointments, etc.  Most of all I will enjoy visiting with you not only
because you are my client, but also because YOU matter to me!


I PLEDGE TO BE A GOOD COMMUNICATOR.  As your aide, I pledge to listen to your needs and discuss your care plan with respect.  
I will talk clearly to you, listen carefully to you and give you eye contact because what you have to say matters to me.  
I will appreciate any feedback from you or my supervisor whether it is negative or positive to allow for a positive working relationship.


I PLEDGE TO DOCUMENT YOUR CARE.  As your aide, it is vital that I carefully document my time in your home, 5 to 10 min before my shift ends.  
I understand that it is important for my documentation to reflect my time and need for our services in your home.  
My logs will be helpful for other aides who might come on shift, to your family to hear about your day, and any case manager or
supervisor who may need this documentation.  Documentation is necessary to prove the need and or the increase or decrease of your
services   I will communicate with my supervisor, your case manager, or your family with any concerns.


I PLEDGE TO RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY.  As your aide, I pledge to leave your information at the door.  
I realize that your information is strictly private and confidential and is not a concern to anyone other than my supervisor,
my team partners, your case manager, and your family.